Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is any tool or device that a student with a disability uses to do a task that he or she could not otherwise do without it or any tool the student uses to do a task more easily, faster, or in a better way.

The primary purpose of assistive products is to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence.

Assistive Technology service provides assistance to a student with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology including:

  • Evaluation of the needs of a student with a disability
  • Arrange trial periods for certain software and devices
  • Aid in the selection, designing, maintenance, repairing or replacement of certain assistive technology
  • Coordination with educational personnel to provide support to the student using such technology
  • Training or technical assistance for the student and educators who provide services to the student
  • Purchase, lease, or otherwise providing for the acquisition of assistive technology equipment by students with disabilities

Assistive Technology uses an interdisciplinary team of all of the related service providers for a student and includes a wide range of devices and equipment that can range from low tech such as a pencil grip to high tech such as a digital AAC device.

Assistive Technology Procedures

Assistive Technology follows the SETT Framework which is a four part model to promote collaborative decision-making throughout the Assistive Technology process. SETT is an acronym for Student, Environments, Tasks, and Tools. Although the letters form a memorable word, they are not intended to imply an order, other than that the student, environments, and tasks should be fully explored before tools are considered or selected. (

I think my student could benefit from Assistive Technology, how do I get started?

Click on the Assistive Technology Request link on the right side of the page. You will fill out some basic information about the Student, the Environment(s), and Tasks that you are wanting to explore Assistive Technology options for. Then as a team, we will meet and figure out next steps.

It is important to remember that Assistive Technology must be considered for every IEP. 

Assistive Technology Services for the twelve school districts served by CKCIE are located in the Hageman building at 409 W. Cloud St. in Salina.