Discipline Procedures

Salina Public Schools supervisors and department heads must responsibly and impartially supervise and, when necessary, discipline or recommend disciplinary action for the personnel they supervise.

Grounds for disciplinary action include, but are not limited to, less than adequate appearance, attitude, and conduct, care of employer equipment and/or job performance. Disciplinary actions will be initiated whenever employees are found to be dishonest or insubordinate in any area related to their work with Salina Public School.

All supervisors, principals, building coordinators and department heads shall exercise good judgment and discretion in taking or recommending disciplinary action. They shall endeavor to insure that the extent of the penalty is not unreasonable or excessive in relationship to the seriousness of the violation or circumstances for which an employee is being penalized. In taking or recommending disciplinary action of any type, supervisors and department heads shall do so in an effort to most effectively meet the mission of Salina Public Schools.

In any case of disciplinary action (except a verbal reprimand) the supervisor or department head shall be responsible to submit a written disciplinary action report. This report shall be made with the employee' s knowledge and the employee will be required to read and requested to sign the report. In the event the employee refuses to do so, a notation to that effect shall become a part of the report.

Para Work Performance and Discipline Procedures