Autism Services


A variety of services are available for students diagnosed on the Pervasive Development Disorder Spectrum based upon their individual strengths and needs. The student's needs assist in determining recommended placement and may include one of the following programs: a full-time special education classroom, resource level services, or full-time general education classroom. All programs are offered consultation by trained staff in the area of Autism. A variety of strategies and interventions that are specifically designed for working with Autism are incorporated into each individual student's program based upon their unique needs. The goal of the Central Kansas Cooperative In Education is to provide each student the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. Staff strives to learn more as the research on Autism continues to expand so they can provide students with the best approaches possible. Needs commonly addressed include: social language and social skills, sensory integration, academic progression, behavior modification, fine motor, and self-management skills.


Eileen Webster for additional information.
Click HERE for the Autism Diagnostic Team Brochure